Urge Senators to Fix School Funding Now – Pass HB 305/SB 376

OEA School Funding Position

OEA has long advocated for state lawmakers to address the shortcomings of Ohio’s school funding system. The current school funding formula does not provide adequate funding nor is it driven by what constitutes a high-quality education. It forces communities to choose: More property taxes, or fewer opportunities for their kids.

OEA believes that Ohio must enact a student-centered formula that is both predictable and ensures that all students have the resources to succeed regardless of where they live or their family’s income. Additionally, the school funding formula should directly fund vouchers and charter schools rather than using deductions from the funding of local public schools.

House Bill 305/SB 376 Fair School Funding Plan

The Fair School Funding Plan represents more than three years of work by legislators, local school leaders, and education finance experts to craft meaningful alternatives to the current way Ohio funds education. It seeks to base funding on what students need based on the actual cost of providing a high-quality education.

The plan has a projected six-year phase-in and would provide more than $1.9 billion in state funding for K-12 education, reducing the need for more and higher property taxes. It directly funds charter school and voucher students rather than deduct their funding from local public schools. Additionally, because it’s so much more accurate, the proposal ends the need for the state to artificially cap or guarantee funding, except for less than 10 of Ohio’s 613 districts.

Due to the advocacy efforts of OEA and other education organizations, changes were made to previous versions of the House bill (also reflected in the Senate bill) that would direct 70% of the increased money to the poorest types of school districts.

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