H1N1 Lesson Plan

PBS has crafted some lesson plans on H1N1, designed for grades 10-12 in Secondary Life Science, Biology, Health, and Current Events – https://www.pbs.org/education/. Students will:

  1. Utilize prior knowledge to answer questions about viruses and form a definition of the term virus.
  2. Participate in a class simulation to learn about how viruses spread, often without the knowledge of those who are infected.
  3. Discuss what they know about H1N1 flu, sometimes called swine flu and check the accuracy of their facts using primary sources related to the topics and classroom discussion activities.
  4. Examine the process used for developing disease fighting vaccines using primary sources and classroom discussion activities.
  5. Create projects that illustrate what they have learned about viruses, H1N1 flu, and the threat of a worldwide pandemic.
  6. Share their projects with classmates to demonstrate their learning.

Are you planning any lessons on flu? Teaching students how to properly wash their hands? Or perhaps a lesson on pandemics? Share your ideas and resources with colleagues.


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