OEA Special Education Members

Join OASNP – What is OASNP? – Why Join?

OASNP (Ohio Association of Special Needs Professionals) is a Department of OEA.

Along with OEA Districts and the other sub-divisions and caucuses of OEA, OASNP appoints a member to each of the OEA Standing Committees and advocates for the unique needs of its constituency.

OASNP representatives on OEA Committees will make sure that issues raised by the OEA Special Education Workgroup are addressed.

Your $10 annual OASNP membership supports those efforts by funding an annual conference, providing newsletters, a website, regional meetings, a subcommittee structure, and supports the efforts of OASNP leadership to represent your interests to OEA leadership.

Just complete and return the membership application and your $10 OASNP dues will be added to your OEA dues for next year.

Visit the OASNP website at OASNP.org