Video | OEA Representative Assembly — May 11-12, 2018

What Is The Representative Assembly?

The Representative Assembly (RA) is the policy-making body of the Ohio Education Association (OEA). The OEA RA meets semi-annually, in the fall and spring, in Columbus. The Assembly is held to establish Association policies and objectives, elect officers, establish dues, adopt the Association’s budget, adopt/evaluate the legislative program, act on resolutions as well as new business items and other necessary business.

The RA is comprised of members who have been elected as delegates to represent their local associations. Any member is welcome to attend the OEA RA as a guest, but only duly elected and reported delegates may debate and vote according to OEA Constitution and Bylaws provisions or policy. The OEA Spring RA was held May 11-12, 2018, at the Columbus Convention Center, 400 N. High Street, Columbus, Ohio.

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