OTES 2.0 Implementation Modules

OTES flyer
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6 Different Topics

Supports Bargaining, Implementation, Procedures and understanding of the new Ohio Teacher Evaluation System 2.0.

  1. The ‘Shalls’ of the law and framework
  2. What is high-quality student data
  3. The Whys of OEA Sample bargaining model
  4. Professional growth/improvement plans
  5. Data use within the performance rubric
  6. Practical Procedures for identifying HQSD


Zoom modules will be held from 4:30-6:00 PM n the following dates:
April 6, April 15, April 27, May 5, May 13, May 19



Register using a non-school email and attend one, some, or all. Designed for EA Executive officers, bargaining team members, OTES Committees and OEA Field Staff.

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