Teacher Burnout: What Stresses You Out?

Often teachers go into the profession with visions of inspiring eager young minds in a supportive and fully funded environment. Unfortunately some of the realities of teaching are not so ideal. Who expected all the paperwork that is required and the hundreds of hours spent in meetings? There is little time to do what you entered to the profession to do: teach.

Teacher burnout refers to that point an educator reaches when s/he comes to the conclusion that s/he just can’t take any more. Sometimes it’s just one untenable situation or aspect of teaching that makes them feel they can’t continue with their teaching career. Other times, they realize that the stress of the whole teaching experience is affecting their health, sleep, marriage, and other important parts of their lives.

What do you see as the reason(s) teachers suffer from burnout? Take our poll.

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Tell us what stresses you face in school and how you deal with them.


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