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The REAL state of school funding in Ohio

I am a resident of Medina County, a parent of two children who attend public schools, a veteran, a 7th grade history teacher, and I am the proud president of the Medina City Teachers Association. It is an honor to have this opportunity to speak before you today. I am here today on behalf of educators. I am here today to talk about the real state of school funding here in Ohio. In only four years, under Governor Kasich’s “careful planning,” ONE HALF OF ONE BILLION DOLLARS — that’s EIGHT zeros — have been taken from Ohio’s public schools. These cuts have drastically affected our children.

Politics: the alternative to burnout

It’s all too easy for educators to get bogged down in the morass of day-to-day classroom requirements, focusing only on the most immediate tasks. However, I’m hoping that teachers take the time to step back, see the bigger picture, and refocus their energies on systemic change that will eventually lead to better public school environments for students and staff — putting energy and effort into questioning the status quo and changing the political situation. The alternative is burning out by trying to rise to mandates that are deemed “education reform.”

Kasich's new budget is more of the same

Two years ago, Governor Kasich introduced a budget that drastically cut funding for schools, overburdened the middle class, and added terrible education policy. Unfortunately, the Governor’s newest biennium budget proposal is basically more of the same.

Invest to help meet the needs of students

With the current funding crisis in mind, it’s hard for me to think about where, specifically, I’d like to see more money allocated for schools, because every facet of public schools is in need of more funding. We could use more teachers, newer computers, improved facilities, more supplies….the list is endless. Despite this long list, if I had to prioritize, there are a few integral areas where I would like schools to invest to help meet the needs of students.

Issue 2 only continues budget cuts to our school district

People always ask me why I chose to be a teacher. I decided on this profession because I wanted to inspire students and prove to them that they can learn, despite their difficulties—just  like I did. I became a teacher …

School Levies: Imperfect But Necessary

There is a lot at stake in the upcoming elections on November 2. Many Ohio school districts brace for more budget cuts if their levies fail at the polls. You might wonder: Why do school districts rely on property taxes …

Ohio Education Budget Shortfall and the Consequences of Inaction

Ohio GOP Senators Claim They Can Delay Resolving Education Funding Shortfall until Next Year If the Ohio Senate fails to act on House Bill 318 by December 31, state aid to local school districts will be cut by $50 million …

House Bill 1: FAQ

If you have any questions about House Bill 1, the educational provisions contained in it, or its implementation, please post them here. Lottery Funds: What happened to the money and how much is going to schools? Since 1974, the Ohio …