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About Mark Hill

Mark Hill, first elected in spring 2018, is serving his second three-year term as OEA Secretary-Treasurer. Mark began his career in public education in 1988, first as a middle school math teacher with Columbus City Schools and later with Worthington City Schools. Mark served as President of the Worthington Education Association (WEA) from 2010-2018 and has served as a member of the OEA Board of Directors. Mark served as chair of the OEA Resolutions Committee as well as numerous committees for Central OEA/NEA. Mark was also elected to serve two four-year terms on the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) Board from 2010-2018, serving as Chair and Vice Chair of the Board for each of those terms.

Mark’s experience in leadership was shaped by the crises of Senate Bill 5 (SB5) and pension reform. The SB5 attack on collective bargaining took place in Mark’s first year as president of Worthington EA, and he led his local association to participate in the statewide repeal effort. In the same year, as the STRS pension fund faced a solvency crisis, Mark worked with the rest of the STRS board to bring long term sustainability to the pension so that its members could count on a secure retirement.

As Secretary-Treasurer, Mark has continued to advocate for a budget that reflects OEA priorities including supporting locals, organizing members to support public education, providing professional resources for members, and advocating for high-quality education for all students regardless of race or economic circumstances.

Mark led the Board of Directors to adopt policies that make it easier for locals to recruit members and to ensure OEA has a streamlined process to hire quality staff to consult with locals. Additionally, Mark provides Local Treasurer’s Training differentiated by experience, and offers locals advice on financial reporting, membership enrollment, and issues with local elections.

Page Updated: July 26, 2023

Election Resources

Local Treasurer Resources

The OEA Treasurer’s Handbook has been specifically designed to provide local treasurers a resource guide to assist in performing their assigned duties and operate within the Ohio Education Association business environment.

The workshops are designed for new Local Treasurers as well as experienced treasurers who want a refresher. Other local officers are also welcome to attend. OEA Treasurer Mark Hill will facilitate the workshops. NOTE: Attendance at an OEA sanctioned Treasurer’s Workshop is a requirement for the OEA Fiscal Fitness Award.

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