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2018-2019 OEA Local Treasurer’s Handbook

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Together, we are continuing the fight for strong public schools by strengthening our locals and demonstrating value and relevance to our members.

Pictured OEA Endorsed Candidates Robert McFee & Jeffrey Rhodes for the STRS Retirement Board
OEA Board Members McFee and Rhodes Elected to STRS Board

Ohio Education Association’s endorsed candidates Robert McFee and Jeffrey Rhodes have been elected to the State Teachers Retirement (STRS) Board. Both terms begin Sept. 1, 2018, and conclude Aug. 31, 2022. McFee is a mathematics teacher for Willoughby Eastlake City …

OEA Bargaining Bootcamp
OEA 2018 Bargaining Boot Camps

The OEA Bargaining Boot Camp is an intensive, team-based training that involves learning about and incorporating essential organizing and bargaining concepts as part of the local association’s culture. The training will also provide local-specific financial analysis, health insurance, and contract …

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As the professionals who work with Ohio’s students every day, OEA members have chosen to devote their careers to public education. All active or retired OEA members — whether they’re teachers, secretaries, bus drivers, nurses, support professionals, or JVS or higher-education faculty — care about students. And OEA membership is there to support you in the important, life-changing work that you’re doing.