Ohio Pension Plans
June 2023 OEA Retirement Systems Update

Report to the OEA Board of Directors — the State Teachers Retirement System, the School Employees Retirement System, & the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System.

Legislative Watch – May 30, 2023

Reminder: Next OEA Member Lobby Day; Educating for Ohio’s Future Coalition Statehouse Day of Action

Legislative Watch – May 22, 2023

Bill to Restrict the Voice of Higher Education Employees Passes in Ohio Senate; Bill Requires Social Studies Task Force to Consider Right-Leaning Standards; Write Your Member of Congress and Ask them to Support Federal Legislation to Repeal GPO/WEP

Legislative Watch – May 15, 2023

OEA Announces Next Member Lobby Day for June 6, 2023; SJR 2 Narrowly Passes the Ohio House. Campaign Launched to Vote No in August on the Amendment; OEA President DiMauro Testifies on State Budget Bill in Ohio Senate; Ohio House and Ohio Senate Adopt Substitute Bills to Higher Education "Reform" Proposal; New Bill Requires Social Studies Model Curriculum to Include Migration Journeys; Bill to Establish State Regulation of School-Parent Communication and Relationships Receives Opposition Testimony; Single-Sex Sports Bill Passed By Ohio House Higher Education Committee

Ohio Pension Plans
May 2023 OEA Retirement Systems Update

Report to the OEA Board of Directors — the State Teachers Retirement System, the School Employees Retirement System, & the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System.

Vote NO in August - One Person, One Vote
Vote No in August! Join the One Person One Vote Campaign!

Protect our freedom and stand up to this undemocratic, unfair, unpopular and unnecessary amendment! Vote NO in August! We need your voice to win!

OEA to continue fighting for pension security in wake of STRS election

Ohio Education Association vows to continue fighting for pension security for all after disappointing STRS election results

Legislative Watch – May 5, 2023

Constitutional Amendment Proposal Coming Down to Final Days; House-Passed School Funding District Simulations Released; OEA Testifies in Support of HB 117; Social Studies Standards Bill Gets First Hearing

Legislative Watch – April 28, 2023

Ohio House Passes State Budget Bill (HB 33); Advocacy Efforts Continue to Defend the Rights of Ohio Voters; OEA Testifies Against Universal Voucher Bill

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OEA applauds public education investments in House-passed budget

Ohio Education Association celebrates House-passed budget’s public education investments; urges Senate to follow suit

Legislative Watch – April 21, 2023

House Adopts Substitute Budget Bill; Increases Funding for Public Schools and Raises State Teacher Minimum Salary; Over 500 Individuals Submit Opposition Testimony to Senate Bill 83: The Higher Education “Destruction” Act; Amendment to Weaken Voice of Voters Passes Senate; House Committee Reports out its Version of the Amendment; Share your comments on the Student Interaction with Peace Officers Model Curriculum Draft

OEA’s Senate Bill 83 testimony

OEA President Scott DiMauro delivered OEA opponent testimony on Senate Bill 83 to the Ohio Senate Workforce and Higher Education Committee on Wednesday, April 19. This was his submitted testimony.

Legislative Watch – April 14, 2023

Ohio General Assembly Returns from Spring Break; OEA Opposed Legislation to Receive Hearings

Legislative Watch – March 31, 2023

Take Action Against Proposals to Weaken Voice of Ohio’s Voters; Ohio Senate Bill 49: Senate Education Committee Approves Student Religious Expression Days

Legislative Watch – March 24, 2023

OEA President DiMauro Testifies on State Budget Bill; First Hearing Held on Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Weaken Voice of Ohio Voters; Senate Eyes August Special Election; U.S. House GOP Public Education Attack Bill Heads to the U.S. Senate

Bad for students. Bad for higher education. Bad for Ohio.

Senate Bill 83, sponsored by Senator Jerry Cirino (R-Kirkland), was introduced on March 14, 2023. It is a sweeping piece of legislation that proposes an unprecedented level of political interference and micromanagement of Ohio's colleges and universities.

Urge Legislators to Update and Fully Fund the Fair School Funding Plan

Full implementation and updates to the funding plan will ensure that all of Ohio's students, regardless of their zip code, their race, or their family income, receive the resources needed to thrive and succeed.

Legislative Watch – March 17, 2023

Draconian Higher Education “Catch-All” Bill Introduced in Ohio Senate; House Joint Resolution (HJR) 1 to Receive Sponsor Testimony Next Week

Legislative Watch – March 3, 2023

Legislature Considering Harmful Voucher Expansion Proposals; Senate Passes Bill Changing Powers and Duties of State Board of Education; School District Funding Spreadsheets Released

Urge your legislators to oppose voucher expansion

Several proposals in the Ohio legislature propose massive expansions in eligibility for school vouchers. Voucher programs use public taxpayer money to pay for private school tuition for students. This comes at the expense of the approximately 90% of students who attend Ohio’s public schools. Contact your legislators and urge them to say no to voucher expansion.

All in for Ohio Kids
ALL IN FOR OHIO KIDS: Funding projections highlight need for up-to-date school funding formula now

District-by-district finance data highlights urgent need to fully implement an up-to-date Fair School Funding Plan

Education Champions
Celebrate Ohio’s exceptional educators!

Ohio’s educators make a difference in their students’ lives every day. From classroom teachers to paraeducators, professors, bus drivers, school secretaries, custodians, and more, Ohio’s public school employees have dedicated their lives to serving our kids and making our schools great. Help recognize an Education Champion by nominating a special educator!

Public Sector Employment and Political Activism: Using Your Voice While Protecting Your Job

The First Amendment protects all citizens of the United States by limiting the government’s ability to abridge freedom of speech. However, when the government is also a person’s employer things can become a bit more complicated.

Your OEA membership is there to support you in the important, life-changing work that you’re doing. Visit OEA ACCESS to unlock even more dining, travel, auto, retail, and recreational discounts.

Image: OEA Legal Services
OEA Legal Services — Protecting Your Rights

The high cost of hiring an attorney to protect employment rights should not be a deterrent to an OEA member. Each year, the OEA-NEA Legal Services Program provides paid legal representation to members who are forced to take legal action in a matter relating to their job.

Wellness Issues and Resources

There is currently an increased need to provide OEA members with information and resource offerings in relation to stress/wellness. This is a roundup of resources to support student and staff mental health.

EdPro Connect

Ohio Education Association’s Education Professional Connection (EdPro Connect) provides background and resources on the most current topics in public education. Each EdPro Connect entry features insights from OEA professionals as well as links to additional resources

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