Ohio Unsung Public School Heroes


OEA recognizes these Ohio Public School Heroes!

You told us your stories about how your heroes affected your lives in positive ways, and why they deserved to recognized. We invited you to nominate your “Ohio Public School Heroes” — teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, coaches, janitors, anyone working in your Ohio Public School who has made a difference in your lives, in the lives of your children, or in your communities.


Week Five

Kerry Prokop

We recognize Kerry Prokop, an inspirational 3rd grade teacher at Beatty Park Elementary, a school which specializes in working with emotionally disturbed students. Kerry is enthusiastic in building her lessons around each student as a way to help them discover where they excel and she motivates them with creative activities. She even attends their sporting events on weekends.


Kimberly Crasto

We recognize Kimberly Crasto, a 6th grade language arts teacher at Magsig Middle School. Kimberly designs engrossing assignments that allow her students to learn how to truly enjoy reading and writing. She understands that by making learning fun, students will explore beyond a specific assignment and will search for a deeper understanding.

Week Four

Lynn Breen

We recorgnize Lynn Breen, a 2nd grade teacher at Maplewood. Her “Breen Team” concept helps students develop initiative, leadership, and responsibility. Her ability to educate the whole child is remarkable. She challenges students academically and more importantly, creates opportunities for them to grow as people with her positive spirit.

Cynthia Dickman

We recognize Cynthia Dickman, an inspirational 5th grade science teacher at Arcanum Butler Middle School. She motivates her students with interesting hands on science activities, often providing the materials needed with her own money. She is part of a STEM team and helps lead a one-to-one pilot program with her 5th graders.



Week Three

Kelly Blanchard

We recognize Kelly Blanchard, a Biology Teacher at Little Miami High School who took the time to help a former student 20 years later! That student, now a mother, reached out for some fun science ideas for her son and Kelly provided equipment and suggestions demonstrating her love of teaching everyone with the precious gift of knowledge.


Jenn Nolan

We recognize Jenn Nolan, an Intervention Specialist at Western Reserve High School. Jenn spends countless hours away from her family working on her enormous case load of IEPs. She leads by example with a positive attitude and even started a Coffee Shop at school where students with learning disabilities work and run the show.



Week Two

Craig Porter

We recognize Craig Porter, Director of Bands at Big Walnut High School who goes beyond teaching music and reaches out to students, creating space and safety in relationships so students can talk with him about their very real concerns. He keeps his students engaged in school to help them graduate instead of dropping out and has kept students alive by helping them see hope that things will get better.

Diana Lukens

We recognize Diana Lukens, a 4th grade teacher at Isham Elementary in Wadsworth. Diana connects with her students to find ways to help them through academic struggles and celebrate victories large or small in the classroom. As her students move on to intermediate school, they are confident in the lessons they have learned — far beyond the school books.



Week One

Joanna Gilbert

Today we recognize Joanna Gilbert, a special education teacher at Fairfield High School who loves all of her “Kids”! She teaches her students how to cook, go to the grocery, go to work and activities like bowling and fishing on special days out. Thanks to Joanna, her students receive opportunities that only an Ohio Public School hero can provide.

Megan Duke

We recognize Megan Duke, a math teacher at River View High School. Megan helps her students learn to love math, never gives up on them and teaches them to chase their dreams and fight fiercely until the final round. By believing in them, she inspires her students to believe that anything is possible. Megan is an Ohio Public School Hero.