NEOEA Advisory Council | 1 Open Seat

  1. Diallas York
  2. Donna Smoot Walters
  3. Marsh Buckley

NOTE: Listed in no particular order or preference.

Diallas York, Lorain, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 30 years
  • TEACHER, MRDD: – 5 years
  • LOCAL: Past Local Secretary/Treasurer
  • OEA: Convention Planning Chair, Board of Directors
  • OTHER: Negotiations Team

Donna Smoot Walters, Copley, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 35-½ years
  • LOCAL: Lead Representative, Crisis Committee, Constitution & Bylaws Committee;
  • NEOEA: Delegate – 8 years, Board of Directors, Program Committee, Credentials Committee, NEOEA Day, Security & Retirement Committees;
  • NEOEA-RETIRED: Organizing Committee, Credentials Committee, Membership Committee, Secretary of Retired Organizing Committee, Delegate;
  • OEA: Life Member, Inter-generational Mentor-Kent State, Fund for Children and Public Education Screening Committee/Executive Club Award, Doris L. Allen Minority Caucus Member, Women’s Caucus Member, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Caucus Member, Delegate – 8 years; Congressional Contact Team Chair;
  • OEA-RETIRED: Delegate;
  • NEA: Attended Spring Annual Conference (San Diego, Orlando, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas), Minority and Women Caucus Member, Delegate – 8 years, Mid-Atlantic Conference Official Team Member;
  • NEA-RETIRED: Life Member, Conference (Denver, Orlando, Boston).

Marsh Buckley, Willowick, Ohio

  • OEA-R: Advisory Council District Representative- 3 years, Chairman Membership/ Guidelines/ Elections, Member Program/ Services – 2 years, Parliamentarian- 3 years
  • NEA: Board of Directors – 6 years, Uni-Serve Advisory Committee – 3 years, Officer Compensation Committee- 3 years, numerous NEA-Retired Conferences, NEA-RA delegate 20+years, Resolutions – 6 years, Mid-Atlantic Facilitator – 6 years, Men’s Caucus treasurer.
  • OEA: Board of Director- 6 years, OEA-RA delegate 25+ years, Constitution and Bylaws Committee, Program and Budget Committee, NEA-RA Steering Committee, Resolutions – 16 years, Chairman Resolutions – 5 years, Fund for Children and Public Education State Council , FCPE Legacy Award recipient, Summer Leadership Facilitator/ Presenter, OEA Discipline Handbook Committee, Professional Efficacy Core Function Committee, Women’s Caucus member, Men’s Caucus member, Doris L. Allen Minority Caucus member, Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender Caucus member
  • NEOEA: Board of Director. – 12 years, Constitution and By-Laws Committee, NEOEA-RA delegate- 30+years, Resolutions – 26 years, Parliamentarian – 11 years, Finance Subcommittee, Program Coordinating Committee, RA Planning Committee, NEOEA-R Organizing Cabinet
  • LOCAL: President, Past-President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Building Representative, Negotiations Committee, District Mutual Problem Solving Committee
    OTHER: Parliamentarian for SWOEA numerous years, Martha Holden Jennings Scholar, Lake County Science Teacher of the year, Listed in “Who’s Who in American Education” numerous times.

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