OEA Fund State Council Roles and Responsibilities

OEA Fund State Council
Members and Alternates
Roles and Responsibilities

The OEA Fund State Council is the designated policy body for the OEA Fund (for Children and Public Education) and consists of the OEA Officers, District Association Representatives, Representatives of the OEA Board of Directors, and a representative of the OEA-R.

Requirements: Set in OEA Fund Constitution and Bylaws, Bylaw #2

  • Each State Council Member representing a District Association must be an active member of the appropriate District.
  • The OEA-R Advisory Council selects the OEA-R member and alternate to the Council.
  • The Board of Directors selects the two (2) OEA Board Representatives to the Council.
  • Each State Council Member and Alternate shall contribute a minimum of one hundred dollars ($100) in each OEA Fund fiscal year.

Roles and Responsibilities

Per the OEA Fund Constitution and Bylaws, the State Council take all actions necessary to achieve the purposes of the OEA Fund, which is to:

  • Educate members through continuing communications and trainings.
  • Screen and endorse candidates who are favorable to OEA legislative policies.
  • Collect and distribute funds for support of OEA Fund recommended candidates.
  • Establish and maintain communications with elected officials.

Some of the State Council’s responsibilities include:

  • Screens candidates for statewide offices (U.S. Senate, Ohio’s Constitutional Office holders, and for the Ohio Supreme Court) and recommends endorsement decisions to the OEA Fund Convention.
  • Establishing the OEA Screening and Endorsement guidelines for the General Assembly and State Board of Education and may facilitate screenings for state appellate judgeships.
  • Assigns House and Senate Districts to District Screening Councils.
  • Approves OEA-Fund contributions above a certain level to elected officials, candidates, and candidate funds.
  • Establishes an annual plan for OEA-Fund fundraising.

For additional information or questions regarding the OEA Fund State Council please email the OEA Government Relations Department at govtserv@ohea.org