Support Ohio’s Educators and Students Act

Dear OEA Member,

I hope that you are enjoying this year’s Summer Leadership Academy.  I want to also thank you for your commitment to OEA, your local association, colleagues, and the students you serve. Because of your leadership, we will create a better and brighter future for Ohio’s public schools. That is why we want to hear from you on an important legislative initiative OEA is considering, which would support Ohio’s educators and students.

As you know, rather than working to solve the real issues facing our schools – like making the Fair School Funding Plan permanent, providing needed mental health supports for our students, or addressing the school staffing shortage – certain politicians have taken aim at educators by blaming and scapegoating us for the problems, real or imagined, facing our public schools today.

But we know that when we come together and stand up for our professional rights as educators, we can guarantee that our colleagues have the supports they need, and our students have access to a high-quality education regardless of where they live.

To ensure that colleagues and students receive what they need succeed, we are asking for your input in the development of NEW legislation designed to provide additional state support for educators and students in the following key areas:

  1. Supporting the professional rights of educators.
  2. Supporting high-quality instruction and student learning in the classroom.
  3. Supporting access to health and wellness services that prepare students for learning.

OEA Legislative Committee is requesting your feedback to help inform the process of developing legislation to be called the Support Ohio Educators and Students Act.

Please complete the survey linked below before September 16, 2022, so we can work toward identifying the issues you feel are a priority for this project.  OEA Support Ohio Educators and Students Act Survey:

Please take the time to talk with colleagues, parents, elected officials, community members, or others to build out the feedback for this initiative.

To help assist your completion of the survey, please use the resources below for additional resources that will help you complete the survey.

Thank you again!

Jeff Wensing,
OEA Vice President and OEA Legislative Committee Chair.