OEA Marilyn Cross Scholarship Application

The Marilyn Cross Scholarship was instituted in December of 2002 by the Executive Committee of the Ohio Education Association. The scholarship was established as an annual memorial to a well-respected, past president of the Ohio Education Association.

Criteria for the $4,000 scholarship are as follows: the recipient must be a unified Ohio Education Association member, must be a career teacher in the teaching profession, must be enrolled in a graduate-level program directly linked to their current area of licensure, must be in need of financial assistance, and must demonstrate a reasonable prediction of success in graduate work.

One year after the scholarship is awarded, the recipient shall provide OEA with a statement describing his/her employment and graduate work status.

Current members of the OEA Board of Directors and association staff members are not eligible for this scholarship. In addition, OEA Awards and Scholarship Committee Members are not eligible for two years after completion of service on the committee to apply or to be nominated. The award will be presented at the OEA Spring Representative Assembly.

For additional information, please contact Awards by emailing to: awards@ohea.org.