Ohio Education Association urges all Ohioans to participate in public redistricting reform hearings

[August 6, 2021] Ohio voters twice passed redistricting reform measures. Today was the first meeting of the Ohio Redistricting Commission. It was a brief organizational meeting that mentioned tentative plans for nine public hearings.

“OEA urges members of the Commission to live up to the spirit of these reforms with a transparent and bipartisan process,” said OEA President Scott DiMauro. “Fair districts are vitally important and Ohio citizens should be provided with ample opportunities for meaningful input in the process.”

“Earlier this year, OEA sponsored a contest for K-12 students to develop fair maps and we had dozens of children who were able to do so on a tight deadline. Certainly, state leaders can do the same. For too long, partisan gerrymandering has subverted our democracy. OEA urges our members, contest participants, and all concerned Ohioans to participate in these public hearings.”


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