OEA to continue fighting for pension security in wake of STRS election

[May 6, 2023] Ohio Education Association (OEA) President Scott DiMauro released the following statement in response to the announcement Saturday that Portsmouth Education Association member Arthur Lard did not successfully win re-election to the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) Board:

“The Ohio Education Association thanks Arthur Lard for his unwavering commitment to our pension security and the long-term health of the system for all active, retired and future teachers during his time on the STRS Board.

As the Board moves forward, it is more important than ever that every teacher in Ohio takes an active interest in the work of the STRS Board. STRS must make good on its promise to ensure that every teacher receives a guaranteed pension they can’t outlive, not just for active and retired teachers today but to make sure we can continue to bring excellent educators into the profession in the future to serve Ohio’s students. Risky investment schemes that undermine the future of the pension cannot be tolerated.

STRS faces difficult challenges in the years ahead, including market instability and growing inflation, and the work of the STRS Board will be critical if our pension system is to weather those storms. We wish Pat Davidson the best as he assumes his new responsibilities on the Board. We also look forward to working with all members of the STRS Board to ensure that all members, current and future, have a pension they can count on for the rest of their lives.”


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