Hispanic Caucus

Bienvenidos a nuestro grupo! Continuamos con nuestro boletin. If you have an article, information on PD, or links you would like included in our future newsletters, please contact me at Oeahispaniccaucus2017@gmail.com As our capacity grows, we will offer more depth of material as we look at the state of education and educators around Ohio.

En honor de Jorge Gonzalez

Recently, we suffered the loss of our treasurer, Jorge Gonzalez. Jorge was one of our founding members and a huge proponent of diversity, equity, and education. He was proud of his heritage and of sharing what he could about his family and culture. His loss is felt by many around the state: those he worked with, those he mentored, those he taught, those he loved.
To honor him and keep him in our daily work as a caucus, we will be naming our scholarship for him. The Jorge Gonzalez Scholarship will allow Hispanic educators in the state to attend professional development or district/OEA/NEA events who might otherwise not be able to. This scholarship is funded by our raffle items when we are able to meet in person. If you would like to contribute to this fund, contact Linna Jordan at Oeahispaniccaucus2017@gmail.com

Celebremos juntos

Dec. 8 – La Inmaculada Concepción de María (The Immaculate Conception). Nicaragua

Dec. 12 – Virgen de Guadalupe Celebrations in honor of the patron saint of the country

Dec. 16-24 – Las Posadas: a nine-day, pre-Christmas celebration most popular in Guatemala, Mexico, and areas of the southwest United States of America. Puerto Rico has something similar called La Parranda

Dec. 24 – Nochebuena (Christmas Eve)

Dec. 25 – Navidad (Christmas Day)

Dec. 31 – La noche de Fin de Año

Jan. 1 – Año Nuevo, New Year’s Day.

Jan. 6 – Día de los Reyes Magos or Día de los Santos Reyes, Epiphany. Traditionally the children receive gifts on this day rather than on Christmas. Since the Three Kings brought gifts, people exchange presents, and children put out their shoes for the magi to leave the presents inside.

In the Know

Consider following:

Esperanza…an organization that works with Hispanic students to improve academic achievement (based in Cleveland)

National Hispanic Media Coalition

Ohio Hispanic Coalition…community-based organization serving different needs of Hispanic families in the area (based in Columbus)

Consider Sharing

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Training/Conferences/ PD


In 2010, the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) created the Latino Scene Showcase, a program that uplifts and promotes Latinx talent in the entertainment industry. Within the past few years, our program has evolved from onstage performances to full on-set productions. This is how Latinx Stream Showcase was born: a series of six scenes written by, starred in, and directed by Latinos both in front and behind the camera.

Consider checking out “10 Latinx Films to Add to Your Watch List in 2021”. I can’t wait to watch Encanto, of course. But the documentaries on Afro-Latinos are important to watch as we think about the impact of colorism in our diversity work. Hope you find one to enjoy.

December 1, 2021

Purpose of the Hispanic Caucus

  • To promote and protect the professional rights, welfare, and human rights of Hispanics.
  • To assist Hispanics to assume leadership positions at all levels of the OEA.
  • To assist and monitor the OEA with its decision-making policies concerning Hispanics.
  • To continually educate and sensitize the OEA about the needs of Hispanics in Ohio.
  • To advocate excellence in the education of Hispanics in Ohio.
  • To promote the contributions and achievements of Hispanics in Ohio.

Caucus Officers

Chair: Linna Santamaria Jordan (Central/ Hilliard EA President)

Vice-chair: Julie Garcia (NEOEA/ Lorain President)


Secretary: Sandra Peloquin (NEOEA)