NEA Member Benefits

For more than half a century, NEA Member Benefits has helped enhance the lives of National Education Association (NEA) members and their families through advocacy, service and information. We work with each and every member to find the best solutions to meet their needs. We strive to help all members increase their economic security through financial services, and insurance programs. We work to maximize members’ hard-earned dollars through consumer discounts and special travel and leisure offers. At NEA Member Benefits, we take pride in being advocates for our members and providing them valuable and trustworthy service—every step of the way. NEA Member Benefits is proud to be a union organization.

Did you know…

NEA Member Benefits offers a wide range of virtual workshop/presentation topics for buildings/locals/districts/UniServ Councils and more?


Some of the ways Member Benefits have been used to help recruit, reclaim, and retain members:

  • In-Service/Professional Development events
  • New Hire/Member Orientation
  • Opening day meetings
  • Local membership meetings
  • Year-round member engagement

And it’s easy, too. Just contact:

Guy Kendall-Freas
NEA Member Benefits Affiliate Relations Specialist
888-749-7380 (office)
419-610-3211 (cell/text)