Tools to Assist Local Presidents

A variety of tools are available to local association presidents to help them carry out leadership functions and to familiarize them with OEA operations and services. The following tools are available from the specified OEA departments listed below. Regular communications to presidents are available in the member section of the OEA website, Presidents can obtain any information listed by writing the appropriate department at the Ohio Education Association, 225 E. Broad St., Box 2550, Columbus, OH 43216.

OEA Executive Offices

Member mailing lists/labels

Presidents may request mailing lists or labels of OEA members in their own local association to be used for official OEA business. Presidents may also request a mailing list for their local association’s use to promote communication with their legislative representatives. In no case shall these mailings be used in such a way as to give or imply OEA endorsement of a candidate.

Delegate mailing lists/labels

A local association president may receive, upon written request, a list of names and addresses of OEA delegates or a set of mailing labels if that local association is supporting a candidate for OEA office or wishes to inform delegates of the local’s position on an OEA Constitution or Bylaws amendment. Such lists or labels shall be provided in accordance with OEA policy.

Board of Directors minutes

Any affiliate local president, upon request to be made annually, shall receive a copy of the OEA Board of Directors minutes.

Employee compensation benefits

Available to all local association presidents upon request.


OEA Business Services

  • OEA Budget and Financial Highlights, including the Audited Financial Statement
  • Treasurer’s Handbook (automatically mailed to all treasurers in August)
  • Status of local association dues
    obligations to OEA and NEA,
    including copies of billing statements
  • Membership enrollment forms
  • Copy of the local association’s
    constitution and bylaws sent to OEA
  • InfOEA—a one-stop contact center—provides assistance to members with questions they may have. Typically, questions come from a local treasurer or a member with administrative responsibilities and may include inquiries about dues, billing issues and managing membership situations. All members are welcome to contact 1 844 OEA info (1 844 632 4636) or

OEA Membership Specialists are available to assist or connect members to the appropriate staff person.


OEA General Counsel

  • State Employment Relations Board decisions
  • Manual for the conduct of local association elections and the ratification of collective bargaining agreements


OEA Program

OEA Program provides a wide range of services to Association members, including assistance in bargaining, grievance processing and arbitration, publications, professional development information, legal services, member representation, leadership development, training of local leaders, financial and educational research, internal and external communications, legal services, political action, education reform and innovation, crisis assistance, building strong locals and organizing new units.

Legal Services
  • OEA-NEA Legal Services Program
  • OEA-NEA Liability Protection Program
  • OEA-NEA Attorney Referral Program
  • Association Liability Program
  • Extended liability protection for health care practitioners
  • OEA-NEA Fidelity Bond
Education Policy Research and Member Advocacy
  • Information about the teaching profession—preparation, licensure, entry-year, National Board Certification, Ohio’s Educator Standards Board and LPDCs
  • Ohio’s Learning Standards and Third Grade Reading Guarantee
  • Teacher and principal evaluation
  • Information about Ohio’s definition of, and requirements for becoming highly qualified teachers and paraprofessionals
  • Information about achievement gaps, tools for school improvement and the Ohio High School Transformation Initiative
  • Information about IDEA and assistance with special education issues
  • Information about ESSA, school improvement, professional development and other professional issues can be found on OEA’s website,
  • Salary and fringe benefit provisions for teachers
  • School district financial analyses
  • Comparative data for school districts
  • Standard rules for contract interpretation
  • Bargainer’s Handbook
  • Ohio Public Employee Collective Bargaining Act and the rules promulgated by the State Employment Relations Board
  • Arbitration decisions on selected types of contract disputes and information on arbitrators
  • Higher education salaries, workload and benefits and institutional financial analyses
  • Health insurance and the Affordable Care Act
Government Relations
  • OEA Lobby Day information is available at
  • The Ohio Legislative Directory
  • OEA-FCPE (Ohio Education Association Fund for Children and Public Education) fund raising materials and OEA-FCPE Constitution and Bylaws, screening, endorsement and campaigning guidelines
  • OEA Legislative Watch
Communications and Marketing
  • Pamphlets, brochures, booklets and information on NEA Member Benefits programs


OEA Strategic and workforce Planning

Human Resources
  • OEA job descriptions
  • OEA staff contracts/salaries