2019 Spring OEA Rep. Assembly Highlights

My Story, My Struggle
“My Story, My Struggle” by Sophia Jeng, Kings High School, Warren OH. Sponsored by the SouthWestern Ohio Education Association

“Suffocating on AIR” — The Fort Hayes Flow Fam Slam Team
“Suffocating on AIR” by the The Fort Hayes Flow Fam Slam, an award-winning poetry slam team from the Columbus Ft. Hayes Metropolitan High School. Pictured from left-right: Odessa Robinson, Kallee Bernish-Good, Dulci Ramirez-Abercrombie, and Playon Patrick. They’re accompanied by their coach, Ft. Hayes HS English teacher (and alum) Nancy de Leon; and, Media Specialist, and team advocate Courtney Johnson. Sponsored by the Columbus Education Association.

Retirement Recognition of Pres. Becky Higgins
The retirement recognition of current OEA Pres. Becky Higgins, who is also concluding her second term. With special announcements from:

  • United States Senator Sherrod Brown
  • Nicole Stratton — Copley Teachers Association/OEA
  • Former U.S. Representative Betty Sutton
  • OEA Secretary-Treasurer Mark Hill/OEA
  • OEA Executive Director Sheryl Mathis/OEA

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