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OEA Aspiring Educators

The OEA Aspiring Educators (OEA-AE) is a unique community within the Ohio Education Association (OEA) supporting undergraduate and graduate students as they prepare for careers in education. This community is active on college and university campuses across the state, providing members with the support they need to complete their education training and empower them to be active, successful and visible members of their profession.​


Support and Relationships:

Connect with other Aspiring Educators who understand that balancing a course load and a workload can be overwhelming. OEA-AE members are supported by a state and national network of students in teacher preparation programs who are facing the same challenges and finding ways to overcome them.

Influence and Power: 

Work together with other aspiring and active educators to make a difference in the lives of students. The four core values of OEA-AE: Teacher Quality, Community Outreach, Political Action, and Social Justice provide foundations for how we can turn knowledge into power and advocate for students by building meaningful influence through connections with community partners, cooperating teachers, and fellow OEA-AE members.

Protection and Advocacy: 

OEA stands behind our OEA-AE members, ensuring that student teachers can focus on teaching and learning…knowing that they have $1 million dollars of professional liability protection. OEA-AE members have elected their Board of Directors to advocate at the state and national level for policies and practices that will positively impact teacher preparation programs and Aspiring Educators by ensuring that they are not only listened to, but also heard!

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OEA Staff Liaison: Rachel Grabowski (Qiana White, Administrative Secretary)
Email: aspiringed@ohea.org

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Page updated: March 4, 2024