Ohio Schools Magazine

June 2012 Ohio Schools

It’s time to take back our voice–and our vote – This November, voters can take the power out of the hands of the politicians and put it back where it belongs—in the hands of the people

November 2012 Ohio Schools

People Not Politicians – Voting YES on Issue 2 reforms redistricting—when elections are fair, the people win

October 2012 Ohio Schools

President Obama and Mitt Romney on the Issues – OEA volunteers tell why the stakes are so high for public education

Member Resource Guide 2012

The OEA Member Resource Guide is an overview to help you make the most of your OEA Membership

September 2012 Ohio Schools

Voters First – A Troy government teacher’s students explore redistricting problems, while Ohioans consider the Voters First Amendment for Redistricting Reform. Voting Yes on Issue 2 would make our redistricting system accountable, fair and impartial

August 2012 Ohio Schools

Stand Up in 2012 – OEA members taking action for public education

April 2012 Ohio Schools

2012 Read Across America celebration ignites imaginations across Ohio; Crisis and recovery in Chardon

March 2012 Ohio Schools

Rebuilding Union Strength – Attendees at the fourth annual OEA collective bargaining conference prepare to rebuild union power as collective bargaining advocates

February 2012 Ohio Schools

OEA member candidates prepare for 2012 election

January 2012 Ohio Schools

Historic Issue 2 victory preserves worker rights – OEA members make the difference in defeating Issue 2 to repeal SB 5