Ohio Schools Magazine

December 2016 Ohio Schools

Supporting our Students and our communities – Ohio educators work together to improve student health and achievement, celebrate diversity, and build professional connections

October 2016 Ohio Schools

Champion for Children – Chillicothe teacher Dustin Weaver is 2017 Ohio Teacher of the Year

OEA Member Resource Guide 2016

The OEA Member Resource Guide is an overview to help you make the most of your OEA Membership

September 2016 Ohio Schools

Leaders, Advocates & Educators – OEA members demonstrate their power to take action on issues that matter to their students and their profession

June 2016 Ohio Schools

Celebrating School – Award-winning artwork for Create a Cover contest highlights what students like most about school

April 2016 Ohio Schools

Strong Schools, Strong Communities – Promoting solidarity, service and coordination, the Lousiville Education Association has built relationships to support both community and schools

February 2016 Ohio Schools

Education and Experience – Portsmouth High School program offers students a strong foundation in both business and financial literacy