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OEA Pathways Mentor Program

This Program is Not Accepting any Additional Applicants for 2022-2023

2023 Summer Leadership Academy

The OEA Summer Leadership Academy is designed to help members at all levels of the association realize and develop skills and talents as leaders of their profession and their association while building relationships and organizing for power.

Wellness Wednesday Events

Save the date for OEA’s Wellness Cadre “Wellness Wednesdays” events

Treasurers Workshop Zoom Recording

This content is for OEA members only.

Imahe: OEA Micro-credentials
About OEA/NEA Micro-Credentials

OEA/NEA Micro-credentials are a competency-based digital form of professional learning. In addition, they can be used to increase an educator’s skill and/or knowledge in a topic area to grow their professional practice and student success.

OEA Member Resource Guide 2017

Thank you for your membership, your voice, and your commitment to education. As an OEA member you have access to an array of benefits and services at the local, state, and national levels. Use this guide as an overview to …

Tips for Education Support Professionals

Fitting In Regardless of what job you do in your school district, it’s important to build relationships with your fellow workers–and that’s not only the support staff. Getting to know the other staff members and the administration can only help …

Higher Education Advisory Council

The OEA Higher Education Advisory Council is responsible for devising and implementing instructional programs to enhance the professional ability of its members and advocating for the interests of its members within the Association.

Fact Finder for the Ohio Teacher

The Teacher Contract Ohio teachers work under one of two basic types of contracts–limited or continuing. Limited contracts must be renewed periodically. State statute or your collective bargaining agreement determine the procedure the employer must use to non-renew a limited …

Master Teacher Program

The Master Teacher Program was developed by the Ohio Educator Standards Board (ESB) in response to Senate Bill 2 which created the ESB and mandated that they create a definition for “master teacher” and the criteria being designated a master …

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