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Distance Learning: Student Engagement

Background In the Spring of 2020, when all public, community, and private K-12 schools closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, a record-breaking number of Ohio educators pivoted to a variety of remote learning methods to teach their students.  In …

Financial Literacy Requirements

Financial Standards For at least two decades, Ohio social studies, math, business, and career related academic standards have set the expectations students learn about money, budgeting, accounting and the role of business and government entities within a financial system. In …

Student Interactions with Peace Officers Curriculum

Model Curriculum for Instruction on Student Interactions with Peace Officers In January of 2021, Senate Bill 68 Section 3301.0721 – Ohio Revised Code | Ohio Laws (Williams- Cleveland) of the 133rd General Assembly was signed into law by Ohio Governor …

Image: Organized Labor
I Don’t Want to STRIKE, But I WILL! – Stories of OEA Members Fighting for a Fair Contract

Learn from OEA members discussing their experiences of fighting for better learning and working conditions for students, educators, and the communities they serve. Learn some strategies and meet other educators that are managing a bargaining crisis.

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OEA Members, we want to hear from you! Record a short video telling the world why you love to be an educator – OEA Soapboxx – win tickets to an upcoming Cleveland Browns game Celebrate Ohio’s exceptional educators. Nominate an …

2018 OEA Election Guide
Ohio Education Association Candidate Recommendations

Ohio’s Election Day is upon us, and it is more important now than ever that educators across Ohio turn out to the polls to make their voices heard and ensure pro-public education candidates advance to the General Election. Please make …

A Teacher’s Brain Following Yet Another School Shooting…and Yet Another Misguided Response by Legislators

Ohio Teacher Julie Holderbaum shares more questions whirling around in a teacher’s brain…this time following a school shooting and recent legislation passed in light of it.

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