Ohio Schools Magazine

October 2011 Ohio Schools

Make a difference – vote NO on Issue 2 – Educators are coming together to speak out against Issues 2. Issue 2 gets in the way of doing their jobs, means larger class sizes, and makes it harder to focus on giving kids the individual attention their need to succeed.

November 2011 Ohio Schools

Fight to support our rights and to defeat Issue 2 – Issue 2 jeopardizing the future of Ohio’s children by taking away educator’s collective bargaining rights. Teachers and education support professionals have made sacrifices to help our ability to shape Oio’s future will be at risk.

Member Resource Guide 2011

The OEA Member Resource Guide is an overview to help you make the most of your OEA Membership

September 2011 Ohio Schools

Issue 2/Senate Bill 5 is unfair, unsafe and hurts us all – How will Issue 2 affect your students?

August 2011 Ohio Schools

Our rights, our fight – As OEA and fellow union members throughout the state and nation face unprecedented attacks on their rights and jobs, being an active member and advocate is more important than ever before

June 2011 Ohio Schools

Movement to repeal SB 5 gains momentum – OEA members throughout Ohio join SB 5 referendum petition drive

April 2011 Ohio Schools

Ohio education under fire – Kasich signs SB 5, proposes steep pension cuts and $3.1 billion less in aid to Ohio School districts

March 2011 Ohio Schools

The faces of collective bargaining – OEA members stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow public workers to protect the future for Ohio’s children and communities

February 2011 Ohio Schools

Negotiating the future – What’s at stake for students in the coming state budget cuts

January 2011 Ohio Schools

Having a field day – Innovative middle school program links academic and physical competition to strengthen student learning