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Ohio Teacher of the Year Melissa Kmetz
December – January 2023 Ohio Schools

Power to Change the World: 2023 Ohio Teacher of the Year Melissa Kmetz says the most important lesson she can teach students is to know their power

2024 Retirement Board Training Scholarships Available

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OEA Educational Foundation

The work of the Ohio Educational Foundation is to fund initiatives that enhance student learning, student achievement, and well being, as well as promote social justice. Its Board of Directors is pleased to introduce four funding opportunities available to all OEA members.

Ohio Educational Foundation

“To support causes related to advancing and supporting education professionals and public-school students in Ohio.” — Mission Statement, Ohio Educational Foundation

OEA Whisper Grant for Students in Need

Whisper Grant for Students in Need offer direct assistance to an individual student or group of students with educational or personal needs when a hardship is identified. Grants are issued to a requesting education staff member(s) to purchase items or improve an individual’s or group of individual’s school learning or academic performance or to assist with basic needs such as eyeglasses, personal hygiene items, repairs to a broken wheelchair, etc. Grants may be awarded in the following increments based on determined needs and calculated costs: $100, $150, or $200, up to a maximum of $2,000 per school year.

OEA ESP Aspiring Teacher Scholarship

The $4,000 ESP Aspiring Teacher Scholarship is presented each year to an Education Support Professional member currently enrolled in an undergraduate teacher education program in Ohio or a senior education student who has been formally accepted for graduate study in a master’s degree of education program at an accredited Ohio college or university.

OEA (ESP) Education Support Professional Award

OEA will present the Education Support Professional Award to an OEA member whose activities reflect the contributions of education support professionals to public education. Nominations may be submitted by any member and/or affiliate of the Ohio Education Association.

OEA Doris L. Allen — Human and Civil Rights Award

Doris L. Allen, OEA Human Relations Consultant, was killed December 1, 1974, in the crash of a TWA airliner while en route to Washington, D.C., to attend a Human Relations staff conference sponsored by NEA.During her brief time on the OEA staff, she developed a handbook for local association human relations committees. She also developed an audio-visual presentation on human relations awareness, conducted human relations programs around Ohio, and served as a member of the OEA’s Racism Awareness Cadre. OEA’s Minority Caucus was renamed the Doris L. Allen Minority Caucus in recognition of her contributions.

OEA Awards & Scholarships

Awards & Scholarships | OEA is pleased to celebrate, honor, and reward the outstanding work of our members and local affiliates who have made special contributions to the improvement of public education.

OEA Paul Swaddling Peace and International Relations Award

The OEA Paul Swaddling Peace and International Relations Award recognizes individual members and local associations who have furthered the cause of peace and international understanding. Paul Swaddling was a teacher for over 20 years in the Berea City Schools located in northeastern Ohio. His personal and professional life exemplified a commitment to his two great passions: education and peace.

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